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Changing the Perspective: A Lesson in Gratitude

The last year and a half has been a wild ride to say the least! Within an 18 month span I went from a married, career woman, traveling the world to becoming a new mom, a divorcee, laid-off from an exciting career as a Sr Tech Consultant at Deloitte, all while navigating the pandemic and attending grad school. Life seemed to do a 180 quicker than I could keep up.

At the time, I was a bit taken aback by so much happening at once, however my perspective began to change and I soon realized I was learning an extreme lesson in prioritization, gratitude, self-care and patience. Here are a few things that I was able to prioritize and am extremely grateful for:

  • The opportunity to be a full-time mom and spend ample quality time with my daughter during her early formative years.

  • As an analytics professional, I always wanted to dive deeper into data science; I complete my M.S. in Business Analytics in Dec 2021.

  • Prioritized time to make meaningful connections with friends, former-colleagues, Hampton alumni and family.

  • Published my blog "Amateur Mommy" , my humorous take on mamahood and healing.

  • Identified and incorporated new self care practices into my daily routines.

I know the last couple of years have been tough for many of us and we've collectively experienced change and losses that are extremely difficult to process. By sharing this, I hope it encourages anyone who may be facing a storm to (a) be kind to yourself, (b) count your blessings where you can (even if said blessing is being able to laugh in the midst of chaos), and if at all possible, (c) take the time YOU need to take care of you.

Sending love and good energy!

Summer Bey

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